About Us

Yuanli Logistics Co., Ltd, a branch of Hunan Yuanli Supply Chain Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yuanli Group Limited, the first class forwarder corporation authorized by the Ministry of Commerce of People's Republic of China. The logistics expert Jacky Chan is the founder and managing director of this company.

Yuanli Logistics Co., Ltd start service for international logistics since 2010 headquartered at Guangzhou (Now is Changsha) with more than 60 employees. At this moment, Yuanli Logistics have two branches and five gathering centers covered all over China. Such as Changsha, Guangzhou, Hongkong, Shanghai, Chongqing and Zhengzhou. What's more, Yuanli Logistics is an internationally successful cargo agency with a network of partner companies in more than 50 countries world-widely.

Yuanli Logistics Co., Ltd glad to offer customers "on top solutions"

, efficient and individual logistics solutions from a single source. They are centrally coordinated, controlled and internationally implemented. Range from initial concepts and consulting to engineering and implementation.

With Yuanli you will enjoy individual, comprehensive solutions, tailor-made for your specific requirements!

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